About Michael Vennare


Michael brings 10 years of financial analysis experience, from writing all 3 levels of the CFA exams (Chartered Financial Analyst Program) to working in the finance career as an Assistant Advisor to Mortgage Specialist. He is able to use his experience to raise the level of customer service in the Real Estate Industry, one customer at a time. Every life altering event is an opportunity to create or update your goals. Having the experience to confidently recommend a financial strategy from tax planning, retirement goals, investment strategies and investment income through real estate, Michael breadth of knowledge from the Chartered Financial Analyst program has proved to be a major benefit to all of his clients. Over 10 years of experience and over 100 transactions with buying and selling real estate for clients, Michael has helped hundreds of clients who are selling their existing home or a first time homebuyer entering the market. To Michael, this is a very empowering and satisfying experience to be a part of.

Helping clients create wealth through real estate has developed into a passion for providing Real Estate Services. Since his early twenties , Michael has bought, renovated, and sold multiple properties. Michael is as passionate about real estate as he is about living in the GTA. Truly believing in real estate, investing in it, while always factoring risk before reward is a unique quality Michael has learned from his education in the CFA Program. Michael’s ability to analyze real estate, incorporate his financial analysis background and disciplines into recommendations to his clients is truly a distinctive quality that proven to be very profitable to his past clients. Choosing Michael to be your agent is an easy decision. With Michael you will not only find the home of your dreams, but improve your lifestyle, reduce stress, reduce the risk of loosing money while increase the financial rewards that come with owning real estate. Choose Wisely, Choose Michael Vennare - Your Realtor Analyst!